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Omg is it really you…its been so long. ..
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walking past your crush like


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I've worked with some amazing actors, and I've never seen anyone with more raw talent. There's a reservoir of emotional power in her that's sort of stunning.
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did you just say the n word?

white person:


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~~~ Please don’t delete the following text, as only the picture will appear on your blog ~~~
Hello, citizens of Tumblr! I’m here to introduce you to the Tumblr United network, or Tumblr United for short. This network is exactly as it advertises: a network meant to unify Tumblr groups.
As a network, we will participate in many fun activities and hopefully build strong friendships. Anyone is eligible to apply for Tumblr United.
Anyone is welcome to join this group. Here’s what you have to do:
First, you must be following all three of the admins: americandauntless, winglesskatniss, and praetor-of-sina.
Second, you MUST reblog this post. Likes are appreciated, but will not be counted.
Third, you must fill out this application. It will be crucial to who gets in.
Please understand that we will accept a bunch of people and that all applications will be considered and judged upon in a fair manner. We will message those invited to join Tumblr United by August 5th, 2014 at the latest. Also, if you are not selected, we may consider a second round of applications later on in 2014, if not 2015.
We wish the best of luck to everyone! :)